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PTO World Ranking System for 2021

  1. Objective: The World Ranking System of The Professional Triathletes Organisation (the “PTO”) is designed to identify and rank the world’s greatest triathletes who participate in professional non-drafting triathlons. The PTO World Ranking System measures consistent excellence and will be used to determine the year-end bonuses payable to PTO Professionals. The qualifications for the 2021 Collins Cup shall be governed by the special 2021 Collins Cup Qualification Protocol. The PTO World Ranking System has been formulated so as not to favour any series of races or races in any geographical area, but to measure talent and achievement based on the results of an athlete no matter where and when they choose to race.
  2. Eligibility of Professionals: Any athlete who holds a professional license from or is considered in the elite/professional category by, any race organiser or governing body and is a PTO Professional member in good standing will be included in the PTO World Ranking System.
  3. Eligible Races: Subject to a race being in good standing with the PTO, any non-drafting race that has a minimum professional prize purse and is greater than Olympic distance will be considered eligible for an athlete to earn PTO World Ranking points (an “Eligible Race”). This will include Challenge-Family, IRONMAN and World Triathlon sanctioned non-drafting races of greater than Olympic Distance, as well as independent races with minimum professional prize purses and those supported by the PTO. All Eligible Races have equal value in calculating points towards a PTO World Ranking. An athlete’s points will depend on their time and not on their place in a race or the strength of the field. Unless otherwise noted at least six months ahead of time, no specific race is given any special treatment or weight.
  4. Ideal Time Measurement: Based on proprietary analysis of historical data developed by and exclusively licensed from, the PTO has ranked each Eligible Race and determined the theoretical ideal time (the “Ideal Time”) that the top ranked athlete would achieve on the course. While each Eligible Race will have an Ideal Time, a proprietary algorithm adjustment mechanism will be applied so that the Ideal Time will be modified based on the course conditions on the day of the event (the “Adjusted Ideal Time”). For example, there may have been currents during the swim, or particularly difficult wind or heat. An athlete’s PTO World Ranking points will be based on measurement against the Adjusted Ideal Time. To the extent an Eligible Race is held on a new or modified course, the PTO will analyse the course elements and determine an Ideal Time for the race, and then apply the propriety algorithm adjustment mechanism based on course conditions on race day to determine the Adjusted Ideal Time.
  5. World Ranking Points: If an athlete equals the Ideal Adjusted Time for any Eligible Race, they receive 100 points. To the extent they are faster than the Adjusted Ideal Time, they will be awarded an additional point or fraction thereof for each .15% by which they beat the Adjusted Ideal Time. To the extent they are slower than the Adjusted Ideal Time, they will lose an additional point or fraction thereof for every .15% by which they are slower.


    The Challenge Roth Course has an Ideal Time for men of 7:45 and an Ideal Time of 8:38 for women. Assuming certain conditions on the race day, the Adjusted Ideal Time for men is determined to be 7:48 and for women is 8:41. Below is an example of the World Ranking Points earned for certain times achieved.

    Men’s TimesWorld Ranking PointsWomen’s TimesWorld Ranking Points
  6. Rankings for 2021: For the purposes of calculating the year-end PTO World Rankings annual bonus, Athletes will be ranked based on the average number of World Ranking Points that have earned for their three best races over a 13-month period beginning 1 December 2020 and ending December 31, 2021 (the “2021 Year”).
  7. Final Year-End Standings. As of December 31, 2021, the PTO World Rankings will be finalised based on the average number of World Ranking Points an Athlete has earned for their three best races during Year 2021 and the PTO Annual bonuses will be paid based on the PTO World Rankings as so calculated as of December 31.
  8. Amendments: The PTO World Ranking System may be amended or modified at any time by the determination of the non-athlete members of the Executive Committee of the PTO.